In our store, our return / cancellation policy, which covers all products and services, applies to all shoppers.

Product and Service Description:
Media files created with information and documents provided by customers who make orders.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
You may not return the product or service you have purchased through the Media Start Site for the following reasons.
Loss of time and time spent on video projects, The video content is created from personalized data specific to you,
Video accidentally buy, video no longer works. I don’t know where to use the video. I did not like the video work.

Product / service purchased from; content and information provided by the customer. All of these products and services are personalized, recyclable, reusable, unsalable products and services. The video order cannot be canceled once the work has started, but you can postpone it. Since the creation of the product / service is done by the customer directives, it will be a special product for the person / institution / company and therefore no refund is possible.

All customers who make purchases at are deemed to have accepted this information in advance.

Created: 21/11/2019 | Ayhaner Medya Advertising Services
Update: 05/01/2020 | Ayhaner Medya Advertising Services