Terms And Conditions

This agreement covers all products and services that this site provides over the internet. The terms and conditions set out on this page represent the legal agreement between all our users / visitors / customers and Media Start.
You declare that you will abide by the contents of this agreement as soon as you start using the Media Start site in any way.
We provide video design, voice-over, graphic design and idea consultancy services to our customers through our website linked to https://www.medyastart.com (Site) domains.
Media Start notifies its customers by email if these terms of use are updated. Visitors should check the relevant page to follow these updates.
If you believe that the terms and conditions of this agreement are not in your favor, you may stop using the Site, visiting, and making use of its products and services.
The services we provide,
Media Start, Video Editing Service. Public address services are provided by our third-party partners. The responsibility of the service provided by the third party in voice and audio services is limited to the commitments specified in the purchase (product page) descriptions.
The product and service packages sold on our site have stated the features and materials that we undertake in the description. Our customers, users see these commitments and knowingly make the purchase.
Video, Audio content copyright and license rights.
Media The content of video and audio media prepared by Start is provided by the customer. (Pictures, Sound Files, Slogans, Texts, Logos, Emblem and Brand Information, Contact, Address, Phone, Name, Person, Company)
Therefore, the copyright and license rights of these contents belong to the customer. Media Start is responsible for creating video by processing the data provided by the customer.
Customers purchase the video service according to the conditions specified on the product page.
The validity of the use rights is subject to the conditions specified in the description section of the relevant product and service.
You may not use the videos for any illegal or immoral purpose, including promotional materials such as spam, spam, chained letters, or pyramid schemes, illegal advertising.

Our rules
As soon as you start using our site, you agree to all of them;
You agree that your account information is accurate and up to date.
You agree that you will not open an account on behalf of anyone other than yourself.
You agree not to use the Services or Materials for any illegal purpose, or for any illegal activity, including, but not limited to, fraud, corruption, money laundering, insider trading.
You agree that you will not use the Services and Materials to emulate another person / organization / brand.
You agree not to distribute the Services and Materials by means of software viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or any other content, such as uploading, sending, emailing, containing other computer codes, files or programs.
You will not share your password, and you will not share your account with anyone.
Pornographic, sexual or violent, illegal (stolen material and infringing material or someone else’s intellectual property infringement), potentially damaging, or slanderous or defamatory, violating someone else’s privacy You cannot request the cancellation of your order if you have made a purchase.
In case of violation of any of these principles, the stored information is taken into the user information tracking to identify the user who made the violation. Violators may be permanently barred from owning an account or using the Services. If Media Start considers your account to be illegal or fraudulent, your account will be closed immediately and your financial information will be deleted. We may also notify you to law enforcement officials of appropriate jurisdiction.
Fees and Services
Media Start products and services Turkish Lira (TRY) (US Dollar (USD) European Union Currency Euro (EUR) currencies are valid The sales prices of the products and services are the prices stated on the related product page. customer responsibility.
Newsletter Subscription Service
If a visitor or registered user subscribes to our newsletter, Media Start agrees to receive the news by email and receive notification and other marketing materials. The user can terminate the subscription at any time. Media Start reserves the right to discontinue the newsletter.

Age Restriction
Media Start services are generally intended for adults and children under the age of 13 should not use our services.

Privacy Policy
Use of this site is the sole responsibility of MedyaStart’s privacy policy, which is available on the Privacy Policy Page.
Return Policy
You may not return the product or service you have purchased through the Media Start Site for the following reasons.
• Loss of time and time spent on video projects,
• The video content is created from personalized data specific to you,
• Video no longer works
• Accidentally Buy Video Service
• Using Your Video Lack of Skills
• No need to use video
Third Party Websites
Media can link to external sites that are under / under Start control. These websites may contain terms different from Media Start’s privacy policy and terms of use.
Limitation of Liability
Renderforest shall not be liable for any damages arising from the viewing, copying or downloading of materials, services and tools available on the Website.
If you violate any of the above Terms of Use, we will suspend your account and limit your access to our website.

Date of publication of this agreement (
Date will be updated when the update is released. (05.01.2020